In case you like the swopper chair and would like to buy it, but still you need to be a 100% sure of its benefits, we offer you the option to buy it with 14-days trial period.
What should you do?
Visit one of our stores, which offers swopper line of products (please see the list in section SHOPS).

Choose the chair that fits you best - model, color and accessories.
After paying the value of the chair and signing the agreement for 14-days trial period, we will deliver the selected swopper chair to your address along with a warranty card.

We recommend reading the instructions first, and then you can start using and enjoying your swopper chair.
Please note that it is possible to experience some initial discomfort, manifested in anxiety and pain in different muscle groups. This is because through the active use of swopper, the posture and the tension on the muscles are changing. A certain period of adaptation to swopper is needed.

If you are still not satisfied with the swopper chair, please let us know within 14 days of purchase and our representative will visit you and prepare the necessary documents for a returning. After paying the cost for delivery, installation and inspection as described in the agreement, we will collect the chair in a time, convenient for both parties. Within 3 days after this date, you will get full refund.
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