Movement is natural, healthy and fun.

The growing organism needs plenty of movement for healthy development of body and mind. Movement stimulates the senses and therefore also the brain. And: movement strengthens the back. This prevents posture problems as an adult.

The swoppster accommodates shildren's natural behaviour.

Conventional children's furniture greatly restricts children's natural room to move. This is why aeris developed the swoppster - the active-dynamic seat for kindergarten and primary school children - with its unique 3D movement. This makes the seat adapt itself to the child and not vice versa!

6 arguments for the swoppster.

The swoppster enables more movement than any other chair.
The swoppster encourages alertness, attentiveness and concentration.
The swoppster reduces physical and emotional tension.
The swoppster prevents bad posture and strengthens the back.
The swoppster is individually adjustable to the size, weight and movements of each child.
The swoppster is fun and puts children in a good mood.

Dynamics makes you strong.

The swoppster supports and encourages constant change of posture. This strengthens muscles, is good for posture and prevents back problems.

Active. Healthy. Clever.

The fundamental factor for a child's intellectual development is movement. Movement stimulates networking of the neural pathways. The continuous activity on the swoppster improves the supply of blood and therefore the supply oxygen to the body and brain. This makes the children more attentive and concentrated.

Learn good posture by sitting up straight

No back-breaking sitting on the swoppster. The flexible sideways movements ensure that the active seat adapts itself to the child's movements and not vice versa. Thus the back keeps straight even when your child is playing, painting or doing homework at its desk. And it is child's play to adjust the height of the seat as required using the lever conveniently placed under the seat.

Sitting still makes you ill. Sitting in motion keeps you healthy.

Height adjustment:

Using the lever under the seat, children can easily adjust the swoppster  themselves to the desired height anywhere between 32cm and 47.5cm from the floor.

Vertical movement:

The unique 3D motion is provided by the flexibility of movement up and down - "swopping" - in combination with the movements to and fro and from side to side. This supports and encourages constant change of posture.

Flexible sideways movement:

A specially designed joint at the foot of the spring strut makes it possible for the seat to adapt itself to the child's movements. There is no back-breaking sitting for children on the swoppster.