More back health with the swopper.

The swopper is an active contribution to more back health in life.

(Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Head of the German Federal Working Group for the Promotion of Posture and Movement, Wiesbaden)

The swopper ensures change of posture.

A healthy back needs lots of movement. Movement when sitting means frequent change of posture. The swopper ensures constant changing of your sitting position and thus promotes back health.

(Dr. Bernd Reinhardt, Bad Aibling, orthopaedist and honorary chairman of the Federal Association of German Back Schools)

More than twice as much movement.

The swopper almost ideally meets the demands for a workplace design that encourages movement. Empirical analyses prove that the trunk movements encouraged by the swopper are on average twice as great compared with conventional office chairs.

(Report by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Schmidtbleicher, Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt a. M., on the swopper)

The helthiest way to sit.

The musculoskeletal or locomotor system is the treated as a poor relation nowadays. We are built for movement and yet we have to sit the whole time. That is not really how it was planned. An intervertebral disc that you load and relieve, load and relieve - as is the case when you run - is only compressed and compressed and compressed when you constantly sit. If you have to sit, then you should sit actively, not passively.

Normally we have an executive chair with a backrest up to the ceiling. We are seated. That is harmful, because the muscles of the spine atrophy. The swopper office seat, for example, forces you to sit actively. You are continuously exercising your back, regardless of what you are doing - reaching for the mouse, keyboard or file - you have to keep your back muscles active all the time. You do not even notice it while working. All in all, that is the healthiest way to sit.

(Dr. Michael Spitzbart, health expert)

The best sitting idea ever!

As a neurophysiologist, I consider the swopper to be quite simply the most accomplished seating concept. It gets everything moving that therapists have been advising their pain-racked patients from a preventive-medical standpoint – but to date all too often without success. Here you do not sit, you are seated! As a sufferer of chronic back pain myself, I am convinced by the swopper concept. I now have two swoppers, one in the office and one at home.

(Professor Manfred Zimmermann, Neurophysiologist and Engineer, Heidelberg)

The swopper changed my life!

I first saw the Swopper on the interior design show, Trading Spaces. By that time, I was pretty much at my wit's end about my chronic lower back pain. I had been suffering for at least ten years. I had seen two different orthopedic physicians, both of whom found nothing medically wrong. The pain was even affecting my sleep -- I was popping Advils every night before bed. I was miserable. The pain drained my energy, put me in bad moods. It was never far from my mind.

I work as a freelance writer, and I often sit for long stretches at a time. I've always known how important it was to have a good office chair, and I never spared the expense for one. I was always disappointed that I still had back pain with these chairs. After I read about the Swopper on the bulletin board, I realized that the Swopper was similar to something I'd tried not long before: one of my doctors had sent me to orthopedic rehab, and they had me sit on a Pilates ball to do back exercises. I remember bouncing and rolling around and feeling the movement in my lower spine, and that it felt good. So at least I ordered a Swopper and haven't looked back since.

It took just a day or two to get used to. I noticed a quick improvement in my lower back flexibility, and the pain started going away. I also found it helped me sit up straighter, with my shoulders back and spine naturally arched. Sitting at my Swopper is completely effortless. I don't miss having a backrest at all, it's not necessary. I never have back pain at night anymore, the Advils are now reserved for work-related headaches.  The Swopper has given me a way to work hard at what I do without experiencing one of the most unpleasant occupational hazards of desk work. Thank you for making this chair.

(Nancy Eaton, USA)

The fat executive chair is out!

The fat leather executive chair is indeed out - you cannot work in it. The swopper is perfectly designed from the physiological, medical and practical training points of view. It is good that it is adjustable in different ways so that each person can apply their own requirements profile for dynamic sitting.

(Prof. Thomas Wessinghage, Medical Director of the Medical Park AG, Bad Wiessee and professor at the German Academy for Prevention and Health Management)

Damage is done by adopting relieving postures!

Many acute and chronic back problems are due to lack of movement. A very good way of preventing this is to integrate movement into everyday life, especially everyday life in the office. The swopper provides a unique combination of sitting and moving. That is why I use it in my practice.

(Dr. Christian Kinast, Specialist for Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery, Munich)

Positive effect without medication, without operation.

The results of the study show the positive effects of the swopper very distinctly. The results are particularly remarkable considering that apart from the swopper no therapy, no medication, no operations, no massage, no gymnastics etc. were applied to remedy back complaints!

(Long-term study conducted by the Research Group for Industrial Sociology and Technical Design of the College for Applied Sciences in Hamburg under the leadership of Professor Detlev Krüger)

The swopper exercises all the senses.

The swopper follows each movement of the body and at the same time encourages it to change its position.

The active-dynamic sitting on the swopper activates in particular the vestibular-kinaesthetic (balance and movement) functions, whereby our proprioceptors are exercised in a complex manner. (...) This improves the underlying basis for attentive, concentrated working.

(Study by the German Federal Working Group for the Promotion of Posture and Movement, Wiesbaden, on the swopper under the leadership of Dr. Dieter Breithecker)