Here is a summary of the most important questions about the swopper. But if a question remains unanswered, please contact us.

What is the correct sitting position?

Sit down on the centre of the "swopper" seat so that the spring strut becomes an extension of your spine. Keep your balance with your buttocks and both legs with your feet flat on the floor.

You pelvis should be slightly higher than your knees to form an "open angle" between hips and knees. This is good for the circulation. Bounce around a few times and you will then automatically sit up straight. Your diaphragm is freed and you breathe more deeply. This improves the supply of oxygen to body and head, which enhances your intellectual performance.

If you are using the "swopper" at work, you just have to shift your weight to move the seat towards your desk. This automatically brings your body into a position in which your spine moves freely and upright over the slightly inclined pelvis. This keeps your back straight. You automatically assume the right sitting position. The spring strut of the "swopper" takes over the forward tilt that your spine has to manage on conventional office chairs and which leads to hunchback sitting.

What is "swopping" good for?

Swopping strengthens the back muscles and stimulates nutrition of the intervertebral discs. Furthermore, it prevents congestion in your legs and you feel fit and bouncy all day long. You automatically sit correctly on the "swopper" and thus prevent backache. Very practical: by sitting on the "swopper" with 3D movement at work you can do something for your health without even noticing it!

Can I seat all day without a backrest?

Yes. Because you can also run without a backrest. The "swopper" is designed so that the human being can do what he is built for even when sitting: movement. Whenever you move, you do not need a backrest. That is why you do not need a backrest when "swopping".

It is completely different on conventional chairs. You do need a support on them because you sit for long periods without moving. However, your muscles are not made for hours of holding one position, which means that tension and backache are the practically inevitable result of this sitting posture. Nevertheless, this support "disables" your muscles again; they are not demanded - just as when permanently holding a single position - and become weaker. Then they are increasingly less capable of doing what they are made for: to keep the human being upright and make sure that the intervertebral disks keep in their place. On the "swopper“, however, your back remains constantly active and in motion. This trains and strengthens your back muscles in particular.

If during the initial phase of getting used to sitting on your "swopper" you feel a "twinge" now and again in your back or your back muscles feel stiff, this is a good sign. Muscles that have being lying dormant might just be waking up again. The best thing to do is to really bounce around in all directions. This enhances the circulation of blood in your muscles, trains them and stimulates the carrying off of the contaminants that give you the twinges.

Generally, movement is the best prescription for backache.

The seat of the swopper is hard...

If you can feel your ischial tuberosities, this is a sign that you have been sitting for too long without movement. Stand up briefly or move your pelvis in different directions. Experience shows that after a while you will get used to sitting on the "swopper" and will no longer notice your ischial tuberosities.

Generally, the ischial tuberosities are the bones designed by nature for sitting - however not for hours of rigidly holding one and the same sitting position. If you feel your ischial tuberosities now and again when sitting on the "swopper" more than on other chairs, this is because the seat of the "swopper" is arched upwards. For a good reason: the resulting distribution of pressure on the ischial tuberosities automatically makes the spine tilt slightly forward in the lumbar region (lordosis), which corresponds to the natural shape of the spine when standing. Conventional seats that often have a seat pan have the opposite effect.

For those of a more sensitive nature we provide the "swopper" with TEMPUR cushioning. This special foam distributes the pressure across multiple load loci.

Is the swopper also available with a different seat cover?

Yes. In principle you can have any cover you want as long as the material is suitable and our upholsterers can use it for the special cushioning.

But to start with you can select different materials and colours from our wide standard range. We offer the "swopper" in many attractive colours; with a washable Softex cover in black; with a white, multifunctional Care cover or black PREMIUM leather.

We would be glad to fulfil you personal wishes with regard to covers - favourite material, company logo, CI colour. Just contact us and we will make you an offer.

Does the swopper comply with the DIN standards?

Yes. The "swopper" WORK (with special spring, rollers, backrest with cover) complies with DIN EN 1335 for office chairs. The "swopper" with backrest complies with the valid European office standards PrEN 13761 (1999), EN 1022 (1996) and EN 1728 (2000). The "swopper" bears the GS seal in compliance with EN 1022 and EN 13671 for office visitor chairs. There are no separate DIN standards for the new type of sitting in motion as on the "swopper" at the moment, therefore there is no official test procedure for the specific properties of the "swopper".

To date there are only DIN standards for rigid chairs going back to 1981-1989. Even the EU directive for VDUs is based on a DIN standard from 1989. The latest ergonomic findings and developments are not reflected in these standards. The DIN and EN standards always lag behind the state-of-the-art technology. However, the "swopper" is ahead of its time as innovative product (German Federal Award for Innovation). There is no worldwide innovation for which the standard is created for the market and then the product!

It often takes years for the relevant standards to be redrafted to accommodate the technical innovations. Nevertheless, the Health and Safety at Work Act provides for such "interim times" in that the standards represent just a minimum of requirements beyond which the employer may go at any time. Thus the following is defined in "3. Basic Principle":

"For industrial hygiene and safety measures, state-of-the-art technology, occupational health and hygiene as well as the otherwise established ergonomic findings are to be taken into account."

That the "state-of-the-art technology" (remark: the latest technological developments are meant here) is named explicitly as measure is to ensure that major developments in science, technology and medicine are applied as quickly as possible in industrial hygiene and safety, precisely because technology is usually way ahead of the DIN standards. For employers this means that for the protection of their employees they are obliged to apply the "state of the art" and do not have to wait for the introduction of new developments until the relevant standard for them has been drafted.

Therefore, all employers who implement the "swopper" at work are at the leading edge of technology and are doing more for the health of their employees than the outdated DIN standards stipulate. You can implement the "swopper" wherever you want to in the company. The European directive for VDUs demands that there be the option to use a conventional chair as an alternative as required. The "swopper" WORK is the exception.

Is the swopper also available for youngsters?

Yes. Movement is at least as important for children and youths as for adults. Sitting still is poison for young backs! As it is for intellectual development and concentration.

For this reason, as well as the "swoppster", the "swopper" for children just learning to sit and primary school children, there is also a "swopper" for youths who weigh 40kg upwards: the "swopper" with SMALL spring. For a healthy back from the outset. The "swopper"/"swoppster" program offers the only 3D chair in the world for healthy sitting with loads of movement and fun for all age groups from 4 upwards and for all weights up to approx. 120kg.

Is the swopper also available with rollers?

Yes. Ever since autumn 2004. It became a best seller in no time at all at home and abroad.

The "swopper" with rollers is ideal for all those who want to change over to the healthiest way of sitting in the world and who have short distances to cover at long desks. It provides an even greater range of movement and mobility - at extended desks with several working surfaces, for example, or between desk and PC. At the same time it encourages you to move yourself more because to roll you have to lighten the load slightly on the seat.  All the advantages of the "swopper" in the fight against backache and tension are also to be found in full in the "rolling swopper". It is available in all the "swopper" colours and you can also retrofit a backrest.

Can you also use the swopper as a standing aid?

No. The "swopper" is designed for sitting in motion, not as a standing aid. The maximum height of the spring strut is too low to support standing. If it could be set any higher, it would endanger the stability of this design. We offer the "muvman" variable seat for sitting and standing at different heights. It is the perfect solution for ergonomic sitting at heights of between 51cm and 84cm as well as between 60cm and 93cm.

Should the employer pay for the swopper?

That would be farsighted and sensible and would comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act which requires that employers are to apply the latest technical developments. The "swopper" is state of the art and in line with the latest medical findings for healthy sitting.

Many employers already finance a therapeutic chair like the "swopper" voluntarily or on request for their employees as part of their health management programmes. It pays for the company in terms of costs. For those who sit healthily perform better and are more motivated and have fewer days off work due to backache. That means greater effectiveness and continuity plus fewer costs for loss of working days. The "swopper" amortizes itself even in small companies just through one day of illness saved.

However, if financing by your employer is not or not yet possible, you can still do something good for yourself and use your own office "swopper" at work. We can only encourage you to do so. Whatever the case, the "swopper" is a worthwhile investment in your health.

In certain cases in Germany, the German Federal Insurance Institution for Employees (BfA), the professional and trade associations, the job centres and the integration agencies bear the costs in full or in part. More information on this is available here: Service - Download.

What is the difference between the swopper and an exercise ball?

Sitting on the "swopper" has the following advantages compared with the exercise ball.

·The "swopper" provides greater safety: it does not roll away and it cannot burst.

· With the "swopper" you can quickly and easily adjust three functions individually to suit your needs: seat height, spring strength and sideways movement.

·The "swopper" has a pleasant seat surface: you have the choice of different attractive cover materials. The seat surface is usually breathable, not cold and not slippery; it does not attract fluff and does not smell. The exercise ball is made of PVC.

· The "swopper" is attractive, space-saving and adaptable. It is an eye-catcher and highlight and does not seem out of place.

· The "swopper" has a timeless, innovative and original design that has won many international awards and which easily fits into many interiors.

· The "swopper" bears the "GS" tested safety seal, which means that it complies with the requirements of the German Device and Product Safety Law (GPSG) and can be used anywhere where people sit.

· The "swopper" WORK is certified specifically as an office chair by the German TÜV in compliance with DIN EN 1335 and can be used everywhere without restrictions.

Will the swopper be paid for by the health insurance?

Yes this is possible - at least in Germany - if a doctor prescribes a "seat that moves in all three dimensions" for therapy. However, this does not apply generally and it depends very much on the foresight of the agent and health insurance concerned. In certain cases in Germany, the German Federal Insurance Institution for Employees (BfA), the professional and trade associations, the job centres and the integration agencies bear the costs in full or in part. More information on this is available here: Service - Download.

If a doctor prescribes an employee the "swopper" and the health insurance company or (in Germany) the BfA (German Federal Insurance Institution for Employees) refuse to bear the costs, there is always the option of asking the employer to pay for the "swopper“ either in full or in part. After all, just one day of illness due to back problems that is saved amortises the purchase price of a "swopper" once and for all! You can assume that the benefits including greater motivation, increased performance and enhanced well-being of the employee will very quickly recoup the purchase costs of the "swopper".

How long is the guarantee on my swopper?

Three full years. If there are any complaints during this time, we will repair or replace your "swopper" free of charge as long as there is no third party negligence.