Lack of movement has drastic consequences.

Chronic backache and tension, damaged intervertebral disks and joints as well as cardiovascular diseases and lack of concentration through poor supply of oxygen are often due to hours of passive sitting day in, day out. No wonder, when you consider that in the course of a working life an office work spends about 80,000 hours sitting!

40% of men and 31% of women sit for more than 4 hours a day in front of the television or computer.
With 50% of back patients the pain returns regularly as chronic suffering.

Office workers spend about 80,000 hours of their working life sitting.
11,5 h
An adult spends about 11.5 hours a day sitting, 7 to 8 hours sleeping and on average only about half an hour walking or cycling.

Back problems are at the root of one in three doctor's notes.

80% of the population of industrial nations suffer from backache at some time or other.
44% of all 14- to 17-year olds in Germany already suffer from backache.

Sitting reduces life expectancy. Men who sit on average 6 hours or more a day have a death rate that is 20% higher than those who sit not more than 3 hours a day.
Of people who move in their profession, 64% feel good or very good significantly more often than those who sit at work (57%). 90% of employees would like to have more opportunities for movement at work.

Men who sit a lot suffer twice as much from heart problems as those who do not sit very much. The risk of a fatal heart attack is almost three times higher with women.

95% of conventional office chairs are adjusted incorrectly.
With women the death rate is 40% higher.

1 km
100 years ago, employed persons walked an average of 20 kilometres a day. Today we only walk about 1 kilometre a day.
Health experts recommend walking 10,000 steps a day. Office workers today manage an average of only 2,000 to 3,000 steps a day.

Back problems are the reason for every other application for early retirement.

44% of employees would like to have an ergonomic workplace, only 13% have one.
38 Years
The average age of patients with slipped discs: 38. Approx. 71.5 million working days are lost in Germany every year because of back problems. Cost for the economy: approx. 55 billion euros a year.