Life in Motion: the aeris philosophy

Genetically speaking the human being is at the same stage as about 150,000 years ago. Our bodies are made for running, climbing, bending, stretching and jumping - not for hours of rigid sitting.

However, 85% of the total waking time of our everyday life is dominated by sitting. At breakfast, in the car, at the desk, at the workplace and even at home during our spare time. This lack of movement is detrimental to the health and often cannot be compensated by leisure sport - the modern human being suffers from backache, overweight and cardiovascular diseases.

We have set ourselves the goal of bringing more movement into life and in particular to enhance the quality of life through more fitness, health and well-being in everyday situations. That is the aeris philosophy.

The aeris company

Josef Glöckl founded the aeris company in 1996. In 1997 he presented a world innovation to the public: his new three-dimensional seat - the "swopper". With this Josef Glöckl had opened up a completely new line of attack against the number one public health concern: backache.

The numerous awards won by the "swopper", considered as a revolutionary active seat, and the rising sales led aeris to start up its own production. The 100,000th "swopper" was sold in 2004 and in 2006 another active-dynamic seat was added to the portfolio: the "muvman" - the active seat for standing/sitting. Since 2008 children of the age of 4 and above can also enjoy healthy sitting: on the "swoppster" 3D active swivel stool.

The aeris company became one of the TOP 100 of the most innovative small and medium-sized German businesses in 2007, thus bearing witness to the potential and dynamics of the company whose success has been established and constantly extended through increasing international activities and a steady growth of the portfolio.

The aeris company has a workforce of 30 and supplies the European market as well as the USA, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia, among other countries.

Josef Glöckl, Managing Director aeris-Impulsmöbel