Sitting correctly

Active, dynamic sitting
in natural motion

Ergonomics deals among other things with the adaptation of technology and the working environment to the human being. The aim of ergonomics is to configure the living and working conditions of the human being to further the health of the human being whilst working and thus sustain the human being's general performance taking into account anatomical, physiological, psychological and physical aspects.

Whereas it was previously thought that there is ONE correct sitting posture, today we know that the human being is born to move and should optimally never assume permanent postures. If you are permitted to behave naturally, you never assume such postures, but slightly move all the time.

That is why today dynamic sitting is considered to be the most natural way to sit and therefore the healthiest. Dynamic sitting means that you change your sitting position as often as possible. Sitting should permit you to move your body very slightly all the time.

Not only threefold ergonomic. But also simply good.

Bringing natural movement into the working environment requires unconventional solutions. The concept of 3D Ergonomics from aeris is the prime example. Practically all the parts were specially developed by us with next to no purchase of third-party elements.

Unlike any other company aeris invests in the research of movement to produce such innovations for active sitting and in the development of solutions that are appropriate, easy to implement, practical and user-oriented. The result: an aeris office chair includes up to 192 components and a great deal of patented technology which all together have won innumerable awards for innovation, design and function. And the essential aspect: many satisfied sitters.