The most innovative office chair in the world.

Office chairs are myriad. But which one gives us back the natural freedom of movement we have lost through daily office life? The new 3Dee active office chair. What makes the 3Dee so different from other office chairs? Quite simple. The 3Dee is designed without compromise around the natural biomechanical model of the human being.

Revolution is evolution.

Pioneering technology, uncompromising ergonomics, timeless design – the essence of the new 3Dee. The core of this innovative office swivel chair is the patented 3D technology which permits natural movement in three dimensions. In addition, the ergonomically formed backrest with patented lamellar technology provides support without restricting freedom of movement. Uncompromisingly good - three times over.

Arched backrest

Comfortable support without restriction of movement. Perfect for every back shape thanks to the individually adjustable backrest counter-pressure and lumbar support.

Intelligent seat technology

The intelligent seat is slightly convex, upholstered with breathable multi-zone integral foam and equipped with the flexzone®technology. For a healthy seat climate and optimum sitting comfort without any pressure points.

High-tech spring strut

The vertical movement relieves the intervertebral discs and stimulates the blood circulation. You can adjust the seat individually for height, weight and sideways movement.

Ball-bearing 3D movable joint

Supports and encourages movement and frequent change of sitting position. The full flexibility of movement to the sides and backwards and forwards extends your reach and ensures an optimum sitting posture with respect to the working surface. This helps keep you fit, ensures freer, deeper breathing and strengthens your back and muscles in general.


With universal rollers for all types of flooring.